Final entry

In the last year we’ve highlighted many of the poems and stories in The Country Doctor Revisited. We’ve examined the joys of rural practice — the beauty of the wide open spaces, the close relationships with staff and patients, the benefits of less red tape. We’ve considered the challenges  modern health care poses in rural settings — how to provide the latest high tech care, how to install electronic health records with limited dollars, how to welcome more ethnically diverse populations and serve them in culturally competent ways. We’ve learned that big city problems are also problems in small towns — alcohol abuse, domestic violence, suicide and violent shootings. In rural areas the resources are more limited, so health care professionals are often more innovative.  Please review these pages and share them with your colleagues who are exploring rural practice as a career.

Check out the web site.

Look at the contributors and their new work.

Consider starting a book discussion group to learn more about rural health and access the discussion questions on the web site.

Above all celebrate the importance of having a well trained rural workforce to care for the 20% of the US population who live rural.


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