Home Visit–sometimes your patient makes you laugh

The Brothers

–Ann Neuser Lederer

I go to visit two brothers,

one eighty-eight, the other past ninety.

Scoured and shaved and smiling for the nurse.

Shoes shined, pants pressed and belted,

plaid shirts buttoned to the neck.

Past ninety takes his teeth out

when I ask to look in his mouth,

then he goes to bite me.

Both brothers chuckle.

This morning, says the young one,

he told his brother

while changing the diaper:

You’re just like an old cow now.

I have to clean out your stall.

The brothers laughed and laughed.

The older brother adds:

My brother’s a funny guy.

He don’t say much,

but then

he comes out with something.

 (Excerpted and used with the permission of the author, published in The Country Doctor Revisited, KSU, 2010)

It is important to like what you do. Some days are drudgery, that’s life, but most days your work should make you happy.  If not, reconsider what you are doing.  It’s important to take the time to find the delights–the experiences in your day that make you smile.  Nurse Ann Lederer shares a home visit poem with us about two brothers.  Watch Ann Lederer read her poem.


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