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September Fire

Stopping by Malnati’s Meadow

–Richard M. Berlin

Stopping by Malnati’s meadow I see

he has rolled his hay into huge round bales

ten feet tall, almost eighty scattered near

and far in the late summer sun. A red-tailed

hawk claims one for his perch and waits

for his mate, while overhead a pair of kestrels

flash cinnamon wings against a cobalt sky.

Yesterday, my eighty-year-old mother

tripped and fell over her own two feet, nothing

injured except her spirit, my father dead

almost half my life, my doctor-wife treating

kids on the other side of Lenox Mountain,

me standing here alone like the maple

Malnati left in his meadow, green leaves

catching the sun’s September fire.

Watch Dr. Berlin read his poem:

(Used with the permission of the author, published in The Country Doctor Revisited, KSU, 2010)

Dr. Berlin reflects on the beauty of autumn in a hay field. Practicing rural brings us closer to nature and the joy that comes with watching and listening day in and day out through the change in seasons. What have been some of your treasured moments in your rural setting? How does living close to nature rejuvenate you?



Welcome to the Country Doctor Revisited blog.  This blog is geared to health professions students who are on rural rotations. Based on the stories, poems and essays from the collection: The Country Doctor Revisited: A 21st Century Reader (Kent State University Press, 2010), we will explore some of the issues unique to care in rural areas as well as some themes that are just part of health care no matter where you practice. Please be respectful of others when you respond to the blog entries. Do not include your preceptor/teacher’s name, the names of staff, the names of patients you see or the town where you are spending time. Such specifics will be removed from your blog entries. Be generic but share the heart of your experiences. We are all here to learn from each other.